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Elite Dangerous Update 2.2 The Guardians

With gamescom wrapping up. Players have been presented with some of the major changes that are coming with 2.2 The Guardians slated for a mid oct update. The first of many features being added to the game is ship launched fighters. Allowing commanders to carry the CQC ships. For ships big enough that will hold the module. The Condor, Imperial Fighter and a new fighter the Taipan as shown Below.


In addition to the fighters a co pilot npc system is also being introduced to help commanders manage and pilot these new fighters.Giving you ther option to hot swap between the players main ship to the fighter.


The Beluga

The largest ship to date to be released. The well armored  civilian ship is well suited for escorting passengers across the galaxy. Some initial specs provided so far 6 utility mounts and 5 medium hardpoints. Internal slots (4 threes, 1 four, 2 fives and 4 sixes) and a  size 7 FSD. Will offer players even more options how they travel through the galaxy.


Coupled with the new passenger ship. passenger missions will be added into the game giving players new mission options. Sending players to new tourist  locations throughout the game.


CQC Maps will be added into the game as one of the new zone type throughout the game.


Capital ship yards is another new zone type

New star graphics


Station interiors will now reflect the type of market they have.


The map is also getting a couple of major overhauls. Changes is course plotting and a graphical change to planets will be added to the map.

Module Storage is here! Not only that You will be able to remote sell your ships from any location with outfitting now.


Lastly Thargoids? A Fed/Empire war looming? More to come