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Elite Dangerous Update 2.2 The Guardians

Elite Dangerous Update 2.2 The Guardians

With gamescom wrapping up. Players have been presented with some of the major changes that are coming with 2.2 The Guardians slated for a mid oct update. The first of many features being added to the game is ship launched fighters. Allowing commanders to carry the CQC ships. For ships big enough that will hold the module. The Condor, Imperial Fighter and a new fighter the Taipan as shown Below.


In addition to the fighters a co pilot npc system is also being introduced to help commanders manage and pilot these new fighters.Giving you ther option to hot swap between the players main ship to the fighter.


The Beluga

The largest ship to date to be released. The well armored  civilian ship is well suited for escorting passengers across the galaxy. Some initial specs provided so far 6 utility mounts and 5 medium hardpoints. Internal slots (4 threes, 1 four, 2 fives and 4 sixes) and a  size 7 FSD. Will offer players even more options how they travel through the galaxy.


Coupled with the new passenger ship. passenger missions will be added into the game giving players new mission options. Sending players to new tourist  locations throughout the game.


CQC Maps will be added into the game as one of the new zone type throughout the game.


Capital ship yards is another new zone type

New star graphics


Station interiors will now reflect the type of market they have.


The map is also getting a couple of major overhauls. Changes is course plotting and a graphical change to planets will be added to the map.

Module Storage is here! Not only that You will be able to remote sell your ships from any location with outfitting now.


Lastly Thargoids? A Fed/Empire war looming? More to come


Community Goal: The Fight for Pleiades Sector IH-V C2-16

11 AUG 3302

Recent reports from the Empire-controlled Pleiades Sector IH-V c2-16 system indicate that the Pleiades Resource Enterprise, a Federal organisation, is preparing to launch an assault with the aim of taking the region from the Empire.

A spokesperson for the Imperial Inquisition, which is coordinating the Imperial resistance, said:

“I would not surrender so much as an inch of territory to the Federation – I am certainly not about to surrender Pleiades Sector IH-V c2-16. I hope the Pleiades Resource Enterprise is prepared for a fight.”

The Imperial Inquisition has asked all Empire-aligned pilots to travel to Pleiades Sector IH-V c2-16 and help repel the Federal offensive. Similarly, the Pleiades Resource Enterprise has issued a call to arms to all Federation-aligned fighters.

The Pleiades Resource Enterprise has set out a week-long operation to take control of the system, which will begin on the 11th of August 3302.

The Engineers Update – Blueprint Changes

Greetings Commanders.

You may remember recently that we shared some plans and changes that will be making their way to our next point release (2.1.05) as a direct response to your feedback, thank you again.

You can read the full post here. But as a reminder, the changes included are…

– Adjusting the way the surface scanner works to allow you to see what materials are available from any given planet. This should make locating materials far easier.

– Making a number of changes to the lowest level blueprints. This includes improving the positive effects of low level upgrade results as well as reducing the cost and simplifying the materials needed.

– Increasing the number of units you get for each instance of a material you find. This means instead of getting one unit of a material, you will get multiple units of that material. This will allow you to increase the number of attempts at each Engineer.

– Increasing the number of materials spawned when surface mining. Again, to make the process easier and the materials easier to gather.

– The likelihood of finding rare materials in these instances will also be increased, meaning it will be easier to use higher level blueprints.

– And we will be reviewing the balance and locations of non-planet salvage and reviewing the possible USS locations for each material

Ahead of this update we wanted to share the rebalancing that has been done to the materials required for blueprints to give you information ahead of time so that those of you searching for materials can factor this into your collecting and gameplay.

You can see a full list of the new blueprints requirements that will be added in the next point update (2.1.05) by downloading it from this link here.

This point release is still being finalised and we’re hoping to give more details on the exact date in the next couple of weeks.

Thanks again for your continued support and patience.

Fly safe Commanders.  

Galactic News: Knives Drawn


22 JUL 3302

With the Federal-Imperial relationship currently on unsteady ground, political commentators have been reviewing recent events and offering their analyses of the current situation.

Most agree that the turning point came in March, when the Federation began construction of a new Farragut-class Battlecruiser in the Beta Hydri system. The Empire made no response to the development at first, but an anonymous Imperial source was quoted as saying: “If the Federation embarked on a campaign of military fortification, it’s likely the Empire would respond in kind.” A short time later, the Empire started work on a new Majestic-class Interdictor.

Conflict erupted in June, when Imperial forces attempted to take possession of the Federation-controlled Daramo system. The Federation was able to rebuff the offensive in just three days, however, prompting one high-ranking Federal officer to comment: “Hopefully this episode will remind our enemies that they cannot simply take whatever they want.”

A few weeks later, the Federation deployed a number of Farragut-class Battlecruisers to the Merope system. The ships took up position near the non-human structures commonly known as barnacles, prompting outrage from various sections of the galactic community. The Federation insisted its intention was to protect the sites, but the Empire remained unconvinced, accusing the Federation of trying to take possession of the barnacles. Shortly thereafter, the Empire announced that it too would despatch a deputation to Merope.

Commentators generally agree that the meta-alloys have now become a focus for Federal-Imperial antagonism. While it has been confirmed that the meta-alloys can counter the harmful effects of the Unknown Artefacts, no other applications for the material have been found. But speculation abounds that there may be as-yet undiscovered uses for the remarkable substance. The fact that the Federation has announced plans to construct a number of outposts in the Pleiades sector – one of the primary locations of meta-alloys – is further evidence that it has a keen interest in the material.

As tensions between the two superpowers increase, only one thing can be stated with certainty: in the competition for control of the meta-alloys, the Federation has taken the lead.


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